Belief in Something Greater

When I came to this University in 2000, I instinctively knew there was something special about this place, and over the past 15 years I’ve discovered more and more about Belmont’s unique and exceptional culture. I’ve listened as long-time employees and supporters shared stories from Belmont’s incredible history, tales of times when this institution had to quite literally rise from the ashes of disaster. I’ve watched as alumni returned to campus to excitedly relay how their own passions and dreams were being realized because of the impact Belmont had, truly taking their education “from here to anywhere.” I’ve witnessed first-hand as dedicated faculty, staff and students embody Belmont’s mission on a daily basis, embracing challenging academics within a diverse, Christian community and being empowered to serve and transform the world.

Yes, there is something extraordinary about Belmont, something more than just a great example of higher education at its finest.

The theme for our 125th anniversary celebration sums it up beautifully… At Belmont, we possess a “Belief in Something Greater.” It’s a belief in the promise tomorrow holds, belief in the transformative power of education, belief in a God who gives our lives hope and purpose… it’s belief in something greater than ourselves.

Whether you’ve shared that belief for years or are just now being introduced to Belmont University, welcome! This site is designed to share the stories of our first 125 years. I think you’ll enjoy exploring what we have to offer here, and I encourage you to check back often as more content is added throughout the course of our anniversary year. Better still, I hope you can join us on campus during academic year 2015-16, as we celebrate all that’s been accomplished in our history to date while looking forward to all that’s to come, knowing everything we do at this University rests on a solid foundation of Belief in Something Greater.

Best Regards,

Bob Fisher, President