Belmont’s Past, Present… and Future

Perry MouldsLike many of you, I can’t help but be awe-inspired when considering this institution’s 125-year history. It’s not merely longevity that makes Belmont or any other university great. It’s consistently overcoming obstacles, bucking trends, offering innovative leadership… it’s decades of dedicated faculty and staff remaining focused on a mission to offer a transformational education… it’s the enduring commitment to our Christian foundation… it’s more than a century’s worth of students having their lives changed on this campus, developing their full potential in order to lead lives of meaning and purpose.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, I’m inspired not simply because we are celebrating 125 years. Rather, I’m moved to see what we’ve accomplished together throughout that history, whether by standing on the shoulders of the incredible individuals who built this amazing legacy or by the work we get to do each day to further the Belmont story. It’s a terrific time to be a Bruin.

Of course, Belmont would not have achieved success at any juncture without our friends and alumni. Your support—financial and otherwise—is essential to the health and future of our university. Philanthropic giving toward student scholarships, faculty endowments and activities such as undergraduate research make our university stronger and prepare the next generation of community leaders. The impact of your support can be seen from 1890 to today, and we need your ongoing contributions to further our efforts for the future.

We are grateful that you have chosen to commemorate Belmont’s 125th anniversary with us, and we hope this website and the numerous related events on campus will allow you to participate personally in our celebration.

All the Best,

Dr. Perry Moulds, Vice President for Development & External Relations


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